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At a time when many are in critical need of counselling and mental health services, UBC Okanagan’s Problematic Substance Clinic use has announced that it will be shifting its services online to support the community during COVID-19.

A recent study examining pain among cannabis users suggests that—unlike long-term opioid use—regular cannabis use does not appear to increase pain sensitivity.

As COVID-19 looms into the summer, international borders remain closed, a number of meatpacking and food processing plants are shut, and local farmers face a shortage of migrant workers to harvest crops. Indeed, prices have increased in grocery stores and the stark reality of supply and demand is hitting Canadians in the wallet.

It was nearing the end of March—and Lesley Lutes recalls noticing a shift in attitudes from those who thought the COVID-19 outbreak would be short-lived.

The histories of Canada and South Asia are deeply intertwined.

Making difficult concepts accessible and understandable for everyone is hard enough, but to do it in less than seven minutes is an especially unique challenge. That’s the idea behind Relax-a-Cucha, an event organized every two years by the Institute for Community Engaged Research (ICER) at UBC Okanagan.