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James Hull | Associate Professor Emeritus | History | james.hull@ubc.ca
Research Interests: History of the Second Industrial Revolution as an historical phenomenon, as an historical concept, and as an historiographic problem; understanding how and why technology changes.
Courses & Teaching: History of science and technology; industrialization.
Doug Owram | Professor Emeritus | History | doug.owram@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Post-Confederation Canadian history, with a specialization in intellectual, social and economic history.
Courses & Teaching: Canadian foreign policy; Canadian intellectual history; post 45 Canada.
Peter Russell | Associate Professor Emeritus | History | peter.russell@ubc.ca | 250.807.9365 | ART 245
Research Interests: Canadian social and political history.
Duane Thomson | Professor Emeritus | History | duane.thomson@shaw.ca
Research Interests: British Columbia history, First Nations and Metis history and Okanagan history.
Patricia Tomic | Associate Professor Emerita | Sociology | patricia.tomic@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Politics of language; Latin American immigration to Canada; feminism; Chile; the Okanagan.
Courses & Teaching: Sociological theory; sociology of education; feminism.
Ricardo Trumper | Associate Professor Emeritus | Sociology | ricardo.trumper@ubc.ca
Research Interests: Latin America; neoliberalism; racism.
Courses & Teaching: Sociology of development; sociology of fear; political sociology; Latin America; racism.
Peter Urmetzer | Associate Professor Emeritus | Sociology | peter.urmetzer@ubc.ca | ART 315
Research Interests: Economic sociology; particularly globalization and free trade; how non-economic factors, such as values and culture, influence economic decision making.
Courses & Teaching: Introduction to sociology; Canadian society; political economy; survey methods.
Maurice Williams | Professor Emeritus | History | maurice.williams@ubc.ca
Research Interests: National Socialism in Central Europe; the Kettle Valley Railway in the Okanagan Valley.
Courses & Teaching: Early modern and modern Europe; German and Habsburg history; great power diplomacy in 20th century; the Kettle Valley Railway.