Ruth Frost

Department Head, Associate Professor

Office: ART 314
Phone: 250.807.9407

Research Summary

Late medieval English urban history.

Courses & Teaching

History of western civilization; women in Canada and the US to 1867. Specifically: History 116 – History of Western Civilization, 1450-1789; History 119 – Medieval Europe; History 314 – Women in Canada and the US to 1867; History 420 – Women in Early Modern Europe; History 424 – Women in the Middle Ages; History 430A – Migration and Immigration in Europe from 1000-1650 CE.


PhD, History, University of Cambridge
MA, Medieval Studies, University of York, UK

Selected Publications & Presentations

A Common Clerk as Courtholder: Geoffrey Spirleng in Late Medieval Norwich.” 34 Florilegium (2017). 2021 for 2017: Published Online: September 3, 2021.

The Evolution of Personal Pledging for the Freemen of Norwich, 1365-1441.” Quidditas 39 (2018): 94-119. Quidditas is the online journal of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association.

“A Brief Note on Geoffrey Spirleng, Co-Scribe of MS Hunter 197 (U.1.1), and His Compilation of the Old Free Book of Norwich, NRO, NCR Case 17c.” Journal of the Early Book Society 19 (2016): 241-48.

“The Urban Elite.” In Medieval Norwich, edited by Carole Rawcliffe and Richard Wilson, 235-253. London: Hambledon and London, 2004.

“The Archiepiscopal Indulgences for the City of York 1450-1500.” Edited with Ben Nilson. In The Church in Medieval York: Records edited in honour of Professor Barrie Dobson, edited by D.M. Smith, 113-22. Borthwick Texts and Calendars 24. York: University of York, 1999.


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