Piotr (Peter) Ahmad


Office: ART 273
Email: p.ahmad@ubc.ca

Research Summary

Sociology of identity, ethnic and political identities, national identity and citizenship, nationalism, political and social theory, sovereignty and Indigenous sovereignty, theory of cultural and minority rights.

Courses & Teaching

Introduction to sociology, political sociology, social inequality (UBCO); in the past: global politics.


Following my Bachelor of Arts studies at Newcastle University, my research interests converged on issues of national and European identity and in the interplay of religion, identity, and politics. I pursued these themes during my MA and PhD studies. I have published in peer-reviewed journals on diverse topics within global politics and International Relations, including European democracy, the challenges for democracy in Turkey, and the philosophical and historical meaning of the idea of “the nation”. Before coming to UBCO, I taught Sociology and Politics at the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. More recently, I have also become interested in issues related to the sovereignty of Indigenous people in Canada and the theory of minority rights in contemporary liberal democracies.


PhD, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
MA, University of Lodz, Poland
BA, (Hons) Newcastle University (UK)

Research Interests & Projects

I am currently revising a book proposal for a monograph on the history of nationalism and the idea of the “nation”.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Selected peer-reviewed publications:

Ahmad, P. (2018). The political philosophy of the nation. Idea, reality, and the constitution. Athenaeum. Polish Political Science Studies, 60(4), 7 – 21,

Ahmad, P. (2017). Religion, law, and politics. The unresolved riddle of contemporary Islam(s). Civitas hominibus – philosophical and social yearly, 12(1), 65 – 76,

Recent conference presentations

Ahmad, P. (2019). Sovereignty and the “nation”. Reflections on Indigenous sovereignty and Inuit sovereignty in the Arctic within the framework of a multinational and polyethnic state, Congress for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Vancouver 2019


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