Peter Russell

Associate Professor Emeritus

Office: ART 245
Phone: 250.807.9365

Research Summary

Canadian social and political history.


PhD, Carleton University
BEd (Honours), University of Saskatchewan
MA, University of Saskatchewan
BA (Honours), University of Saskatchewan

Selected Publications & Presentations

2012: How Agriculture Made Canada: Farming in the Nineteenth Century (Montreal, McGill University Press).

2007: “The Far-From-Dry Debates: Dry Farming on the Canadian Prairies and the American Great Plains”, Agricultural History, volume 81, number 4, Fall, pp. 493-519

2005: “Subsistence, Diversification, and Staple Orientations on Saskatchewan Farms: Parklands vs. Prairie, 1911-1926, Saskatchewan History, volume 57, number 2, Fall, pp. 15-28.

2005: “Searching for Revolutionary Millenarianism in Byzantium: The Dog That Didn’tBark”, Fides et Historia, volume 37, number 1, Winter/Spring, pp. 93-116

1999: “BC’s 1944 ‘Zombie’ Protests Against Overseas Conscription”, BC Studies, number 122, Summer, pp. 49-76.

1996: “New Brunswick’s First Copper Coinages”, Acadiensis, volume 25, number 2, Spring, pp. 105-116.

1991: “The Manx Peril: Archival Theory in the Light of Recent American Historiography”, Archivaria, number 32, Summer, pp. 124-137

1990: “Henry Wentworth Monk” and “Malcolm Colin Cameron”, Dictionary of Canadian Biography, volume XII, pp. 147-148, 751-752

1990: “Eric Voegelin: An Eschatological Direction to History?”, Fides et Historia, volume 22, pp. 3 -15 [originally published in Historians Study Group Newsletter, July, 1987]

1990: “The jurisdictional pendulum within Canadian federalism, 1867-1980”, in Michael Burgess (editor), Canadian Federalism: Past, Present and Future, Leicester University Press, London, pp. 40-59


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