Luis Aguiar

Associate Professor

Office: ART 316
Phone: 250.807.9346

Graduate student supervisor

Research Summary

The globalization of the "Justice for Janitors" campaigns; global unions; Eddie Melo: What were you? The Neoliberal University; whiteness; the Canadian Hinterland.

Courses & Teaching

Globalization and labour; urban sociology; sociology of tourism; race and racism; qualitative methods; urban studies.


My academic research career focuses on investigating building cleaners’ campaigns to ‘crisise’ neoliberalism. By ‘crisising’ I mean their campaigns and organized attempts to argue the trauma of neoliberalism and its consequences in cleaners’ workplaces, personal lives and communities. This interest leads me to study cleaners’ strategies and discourses of resistance neoliberal policies of the erosion of industrial citizenship. Currently I seek to understand and follow how resistance against an emerging post-industrial citizenship is being organized between cleaners and their union across borders. It is in this context that I’m interested in contributing to the literature on global unions and organizing.

In addition, I have written on transnationalism and southern European migration, as well as whiteness and racism. I have taken the Okanagan Valley as a case study of racism and whiteness. This analysis is implicated in the literature of localism and the new economy of post-Fordism.

At UBC I teach a broad range of course including: introduction to sociology, qualitative methods, the sociology of work, ‘race’ and ethnic relations, the sociology of tourism, the sociology of the Okanagan Valley, cultural studies, urban sociology, globalization and labour, and global society, global sociology. I currently supervise a graduate student and sit on the committees of three other students. In 2010-2011, I ran a graduate students’ professionalization seminar in my role of graduate programme coordinator in Unit 6 of the Barber School.


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PhD, York University

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