Julien Vernet

Associate Professor

Office: ART 240
Phone: 250.807.9326
Email: julien.vernet@ubc.ca

Research Summary

United States history.

Courses & Teaching

United States; French Americas.


PhD, Syracuse University
MA, Queen’s University
BEd, Queen’s University
BA (Honours), Queen’s University

Selected Publications & Presentations

Julien Vernet, Strangers on Their Native Soil, Opposition to United States’ Governance in Louisiana’s Orleans Territory, 1803-1809.  University Pressof Mississippi, in-press (publication date-spring-summer 2013).

Julien Vernet, “Citizen Laussat and the St. Julien Case: Royalists and Revolutionaries in Early Nineteenth-Century Louisiana,” Louisiana History, Volume LI, No. 2, (2010), 195-214.

Julien Vernet, “A Community of Resistance: The Organization of Protest in New Orleans against the U.S. Territorial Administration,  1803-1805,” French Colonial History, Vol. 11, (2010), 47-70.

Julien Vernet, “Petitions from Peripheries of Empire: Louisiana and Québec,” The American Review of Canadian Studies, Vol. 38, No. 4 (Winter 2008), 495-512.

Julien Vernet, “More than Symbolic: Pierre Clément de Laussat’s Municipal Council and French Louisianian Protest against American Territorial Government,” French Colonial History, 4 (2003), 133-143.

Selected Grants & Awards

UBC O Quick Start Research Grant, March 2008-March 2009

UBC O Internal Research Grant, March 2006-March 2007

OUC Research Grant 2005

Letter of commendation for teaching, Cheney Hall State University of New York Cortland, 2002

Syracuse University Summer Fellowship, 1999  Syracuse University Teaching Fellow, 1999-2000

Syracuse University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, 1999

Syracuse University History Department Dissertation Research Grant, 1999


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