Agnieszka Doll


Assistant Professor

Office: ART 311
Phone: 250.807.8075

Research Summary

Nexus of psychiatry and law; socio-legal studies of the everyday life of law; institutional ethnography; science, technology, and regulation; expert knowledge; regulatory spaces and pharmaceutical governance, psychedelics and drug policy, feminist and qualitative methodologies.

Courses & Teaching

Science, Technology, and Medicine, Introduction to Sociology, Law and Gender, Health Law, Qualitative and Ethnographic Research, Institutional Ethnography


I am a socio-legal researcher and an ethnographer working at the nexus of law, medicine, regulation, and everyday life. I am interested in how legal knowledges intersect with other knowledges and in the material and non-material effects of those encounters. In my research, I adopt feminist and socio-legal approaches and employ a variety of qualitative research strategies, including feminist ethnography, ANT, and critical discourse analysis. I also work with alternative sociology of institutional ethnography.


PhD, University of Victoria
MA, Simon Fraser University
LLM, Marie Curie-Sklodowska University
LLB, Marie Curie-Sklodowska University

Postdoctoral Fellowships

University of Toronto
Dalhousie University
McGill University

Research Interests & Projects

My broader research agenda centers on critical engagement with regulatory spaces, professional power and processes of knowledge production in medico-legal borderlands, specifically at the nexus of law and mental health. My work is about two core things. First, it is about state’s medico-legal interventions and governance in the context of mental health care. Second, it is about everyday practices of institutional knowledge production that organize these interventions. I pursue three lines of inquiry:

The first line explores the intersecting systems of control in the lives of persons pathologized due to their perceived mental illness and dangerousness. I am working on a book monograph (under contract with the University of Toronto Press) titled: Unaccountable Legalities: Mental Health Law, Legal Aid Lawyering and Institutional Entanglements as well as developing a new collaborative research project: An Institutional Ethnography of Women, Madness and Post-Discharge Living. The latter will explore the experiences of women who come in contact with social, legal, and mental health agencies as they resume their post-discharge lives.

The second line focuses on pharmaceutical governance in the mental health space. I am pursuing a project titled Breakthrough Interventions: Regulations of Psychedelics in Canada which uses Science and Technology Studies to investigate the development of a new psychedelic regulatory landscape and networks of relations and actors invested in regulatory changes. This ethnographic project is undertaken with colleagues from Schulich Law School and Technoscience and Regulation Research Unit at Dalhousie University.

The third line engages with interdisciplinary methodologies for social change. I co-edited (with B. Bisaillon and K. Walby) a collection of essays titled Political Activist Ethnography: Investigation into the Social Relations of Struggle (2023, Athabasca University Press). I am also interested in developing a new methodological lens to better understand materiality in the operation of law.

Selected Publications & Presentations

Google Scholar

Research Gate

Selected Grants & Awards

Aspire Fund Grant; Johannesburg Institute for Advance Studies Writing Fellowship; Vandekkerhove Family Trust Fellowship; Bielefeld School in History and Sociology Visiting Fellowship; Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Graduate Research Award; Law Society of British Columbia Fellowship

Professional Services/Affiliations/Committees

Technoscience and Regulation Research Unit, Dalhousie University; Canadian Sociological Association; British Sociological Association; member of Polish Bar


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